parked and pizzad with Ronnie Kessner

Ronnie Kessner just got back from Jetty's Parks & Pizza tour after surviving an earthquake and a hurricane in the van seen below. He also came back with a boatload of A+ footage (coming soon to the site) and a new sponsor: Jetty! We caught up with Ronnie a bit. And a second congrats to Ronnie for making the cut for the finals in Volcom's Wild In the Parks in Austin, TX October 15th—kid's been straight killing it! Stay tuned for more on our top skate rider.

Where all did you go on the Jetty tour?
When i joined the trip we went to Philly, Baltimore, and NYC.

Where was your favorite spot to skate?
My favorite spot was the wire spot in Baltimore. I got a ton of footage.

Who landed the biggest trick and what was it?
Fritz mead killed a 10 rail and banged out 5 tricks in about 10 minutes.

Funniest thing that happened on the tour?
Listening to Mike C and Fritz talk. They had me laughing so hard that I cried probably 3 times a day. They were the funniest people I think I have ever met. It was super fun and I'm super stoked to be a part of the Jetty family!


parks and pizza with Jetty

tomorrow Jetty's skate team will be hitting the road for their annual summer tour, this year coined Parks and Pizza. they'll be trekking from NYC through NJ, out to Philly, down to Maryland and then back up through Jersey with the final stop coming August 26 at Speakeasy Pizza in Ship Bottom (with a possible surf session!). check out the tour dates and be sure to get to one to skate with the team, get some free schwag, and some pizza.


got that Neff in

new Neff snapbacks and t-shirts have arrived. we've also got in the Neff watches and sunglasses, fully stocked case seen below (which is at Shack South Sunglasses and Watches). come grab yourself some of the fresh Neff while it's still in stock (it'll go quick).

custom Skim Series shirts

Tyler at Free2Ride made these up for the last Surf Shack South Skim Series event in two weeks. Some tight divisions that will be all decided for the season titles...

back, back, back from Woodward

budding young filmer Bruce Brower (no relation to the Brower of the original variety) went to Woodward last week with Shack South rider Ronnie Kessner and came back with the above edit, as well as the Vitamin Water Concrete Award for the week. big ups to Bruce, and Ronnie who is in a majority of the edit.


congrats Kyle Calandra

Longtime Shack rider and Exile am rider Kyle Calandra went down to this year's Zap Amateur World Championships and came back with a 4th place in the highly competitive Junior Men's division. Word on the street is Kyle nailed a big 3-shuv off the bat in the final and killed the rest of the heat, but came up a bit short we guess? Either way, good job Kyle. And you can see a ton of Kyle in fellow Shack rider Conor Willem's forthcoming skim movie Stoked Or Die.


Skim Series event #3 in the books

Event #3 of this year's Skim Series went down last Thursday and shook the standings up even more. Things are looking tight to crown the season winners at the last event (Monday, August 28). Here's the results from this event and check out the Series standings here.

1. Tristan Lamson   100 points
2. Tyler Propheta      75 points
3. Bryce Lafferty      50 points
4. Gus Natelli           25 points
=5. Owen Reddington 10 points
=5. Dylan Smith      10 points
=5. Brandon Slaboda 10 points
=5. Austin Lupo      10 points
=5. Tim Propheta    10 points

1. Kevin Budd        100 points
2. Mike McCaffrey 75 points
3. Tyler Cascio       50 points
4. Will Sefcik         25 points
=5. Evan Kelley     15 points
=5. Johnny McGinley 15 points
=7. Matt Kruger     10 points
=7. Brett O’Neill    10 points
=7. Max Rosenthal 10 points
=7. Griffin Edwards 10 points
=7. Moses DeMartino 10 points
=7. Nick Caputo     10 points
=7. Brian Mishkin  10 points
=7. Griffin Pounds  10 points
=7. Matt Sefcik       10 points
=7. Dan Cascio       10 points
=7. Nick George     10 points

1. Danielle Elia      100 points

Jr. Mens 
1. Matt Johns         100 points
2. Tanner Barbieri   75 points
3. Ryan Prestar        50 points
4. Dane Yalensics    25 points
=5. Chris Butrico     15 points
=5. Tim Ivancich     15 points
=7. Justin Ballasy    10 points
=7. Kyle Price         10 points
=7. Brandon Kinter 10 points
=7. Brandon Simanski 10 points


Ray Ban has arrived

We are proud to announce that we have received our first shipment of Ray Bans in the Shack South Sunglasses and Watches store. We've got the Wayfarers, Aviators, Cats, and tons more in a load of different colorways. Come on in and check 'em out.

the third event of our Surf Shack South Skim Series hits Taylor Avenue once again this Thursday at 5PM. if you haven't gotten your entry forms in yet you can download and print the entry form here. get signed up soon because spots are filling up and the standings are getting close.


Get-N-Classic by Vans

Check out Vans first surf movie, Get-N-Classic, for free above. Quite an eclectic mix of riders.

Jetty Coquina raises the bar

Yesterday on 110th Street in Long Beach Township the 3rd annual Jetty Coquina Jam went down, and was taken by the team of Sarah Dodds and Selena Moberly in some surprisingly decent surf. And over $7,100 was raised for David’s Dream & Believe Cancer Foundation, which is the big win of the day. Thanks to Jetty for putting on another incredible event, and all for charity, and congrats to Sarah and Selena. Check out a full wrap up of the event from Jon Coen here


Aviators are in

Kolohe Andino - Skullcandy Aviator Headphones from Skullcandy TV on Vimeo.

We just got in our first run of Skullcandy RocNation Aviator headphones and they are looking crisp in all three colorways below (plus a white Ting-Tings art collab model). Some of the most comfortable and best sounding headphones on the market today. We've also got a sound test station with the Aviator so you can try before you buy 'em. Stop on in and test 'em out. 


this weekend at Tattooed Surfer

Anthony of Tattooed Surfer (the old Surf Shack) is throwing a big party all weekend. Saturday there will be a live surf art demo. And Sunday there will be a BBQ and music along with a custom painted surfboard giveaway. Head on over and check it out, surely will be a great time.


congrats to Joey and Chris

Surf Shack South team riders Joey Jingoli and Chris 'Pig' Murphy blew up in the Junior Men's division of this past weekend's US Flow Tour at the LBI Flowhouse. Chris (left above) placed 4th and Joey (second from left and two below shots) placed 3rd. Congrats to both of them for making the final and placing. Check out the video from the event below as well.

LBI Flow House - National Flow Tour from MiniDB productions on Vimeo.


Skim Series event #2 in the books

Event #2 of this year's Skim Series went down last Thursday in slightly improved conditions from event #1. Free2Ride Clothing and Vitamin Water helped us put on a great second event. Thanks to everyone for coming out and below are the results. Head over to the SKIM SERIES page to see the updated season standings

1. Tristan Lamson   100 points
2. Bryce Laffer         75 points
3. Jacob Yurkovitch  50 points

1. Kim Muldoon     100 points


1. Kevin Budd        100 points
2. Brendan Rice       75 points
3. Mark Butrico       50 points
4. Max Rosenthal    25 points
=5. Mike McCaffery 15 points
=5. Brian Mishkin    15 points
=5. Griffin Edwards 15 points
=5. Nick George      15 points
=7. Mike Savettiere  10 points
=7. Moses DeMaritno 10 points
=7. Matt Lopez        10 points
=7. Griffin Pounds   10 points
=7. Mike DeBaere   10 points
=7. Adam Aquilato  10 points

Jr. Men 

1. Matt Johns          100 points
2. Brandon Kinter     75 points
3. Dane Yelencsics    50 points
4. Chris Butrico        25 points
=5. Brandon Simanski 15 points
=5. Jordan Mike        15 points
=7. Will McCafferty  10 points
=7. Jake Cechs          10 points
=7. Peter Lynch         10 points
=7. Dave Hunter        10 points
=7. Ryan Keen           10 points
=7. Richie Lyons       10 points