The Shack Board Shop Opening Weekend

come stop by our new location, The Shack Board Shop, for it's opening weekend and take advantage of some massive deals for the weekend.



The Shack Board Shop

Well, the last week has been a complete blur. We decided it was time to fill everyone in on our new endeavor, The Shack Board Shop.

That's it above, coming quickly along. Since we are currently displaced due to Hurricane Sandy, we've moved shop over to the mainland, the Manahawkin Mart to be exact. For those that don't know, the Mart is located on Bay Avenue across from Retro Fitness, right near Fireplaces Plus! and Thunderbird Lanes bowling alley. We're in unit 13, the southwest corner of the building that faces the parking lot. We've also got a killer Mexican food spot right on the other side of us (La Bamba) that we've been enjoying every day! Our exact address in case you have trouble finding it is 657 East Bay Avenue Manahawkin, NJ.

All that being said, while Bay Village is being repaired this winter and spring, we'll be here in Manahawkin. The Shack Board Shop is going to be a full-service skate shop. It's been far too long that the Manahawkin area has had any kind of skate shop and while we're there that's what we're going to do.

We've been working really hard to get things fully running and the store completely stocked with all the great products you need for the holidays. As of right now, we're aiming to be up and running and open for business later this week and will be announcing details of our Black & White Friday Opening Weekend Sale by mid-week. Much more to come on that, as product is arriving every day and we managed to save some merchandise from Shack South.

If you happen to drive by or just wanna stop and say hi, please do. And stay tuned for some big big things we're going to be doing there this winter, as we're chock full of ideas and good things on the horizon. We're going to do our best to keep The Shack philosophy alive in this new undertaking.