ALO Surf Stewards

Alliance for a Living Ocean has been shuffling some things up since new Executive Director Chris Huch (and Surf Shack rider) took things over this year. One of those shuffles is the Surf Stewards program. Surfers, skimboarders, bodyboarders, and any enjoyers of the ocean are the first line of defense in helping keep our beaches and oceans clean. It doesn't take much to just pick up a piece of trash every you're on the beach—if we don't keep our beaches clean who will?

That's why they're asking everyone to take their Surf Stewards Pledge by signing the petition here. By signing it you are saying: “As a surfer, I pledge to keep the beach and ocean pristine by cleaning up trash when I check the surf and leave the beach, reducing my use of disposable products, and educating myself and others on the importance of being environmentally friendly.”

It's pretty simple, and shows a committed effort to keeping our beaches clean. Take a minute to sign it, and set an example for everyone else.


LBI Winter Warriors

Longtime Shack rider Conor Willem has never been one to go with the norm. Plus the kid can get slotted for no end.

Which is why he's endeavoring on a newfangled surf contest idea. He's calling it 'LBI Winter Warriors' and it'll take place sometime during the month of March this year. With a true waiting period, he will look to utilize the best late winter/early spring storms the Atlantic can dish out—and cold and barreling will be the ideal conditions because this thing is strictly a barrel riding contest.

It's limited to the first 24 entries and will consist of only LBI locals. Depending on the swell it will take place at either 73rd Street in Harvey Cedars or 25th Street in Surf City. Conor is certainly mixing things up. This is the start of something revolutionary in the realm of competitive surfing, especially on the local scene. Here's Conor's description of the event, and stay tuned to our site and LBI Winter Warriors Facebook page for updates:

  • Nobody loses or gets knocked out of heats..
  • There are 3 rounds, 6 heats in each round, and 4 surfers in each heat. Each heat runs for 20 min.
  • The surfer's single highest wave score from each round is added up at the end and the highest wins and so on. So each surfer will have 3 scores at the end of the day. The main goal is to get a really good score in each round.
  • Everyone has an equal opportunity.
  • Entry fee is 110$.
  • The top 3 surfers at the end of the day will be rewarded $$$$.
  • If this year turns out good then next years waiting period will be a 3 month waiting period with the top 5 getting money.
  • Its going to be BIG COLD and BARRELING, those 3 things are Guaranteed
  • If you CHARGE and love to TUBE RIDE than this is contest for you.


what you ordering?

Exile Skimboards are some of the best in the biz. Great shapes, top riders, epic movies, and overall a genuine brand. Being the only shop on LBI to carry them, we're always excited to see what they've cooked up for the upcoming year. And there 2012 catalog has finally dropped! A Sam Stinnett pro model, resin art, and a new comp weight are just a few of the freshy things they've got going this year. Click on the picture below to check out Exile's 2012 Catalog. Plus check out a quick little clip of Exile Amateur rider and Shack team rider Kyle Calandra from Conor Willem's Skim Or Die, and stay tuned for much more to come from Exile this year as another Skim Series is in the works...

Get your custom orders in with us soon so they'll get included in our early shipments. What you gonna ride this year???


a photo for your weekend

 straight from Shack rider Ronnie Kessner. backside smith courtesy of Dylan Dimauro. here's to a great weekend and another Giants Superbowl victory!


Waiting For Lightning

"I don't know if a lot of people really get Danny Way."

"There's a lot of guys who will do what it takes to win. And then there's a lot of guys who will do whatever it takes to push themselves, guys that do whatever it takes to progress their sport."

You name it on a skateboard and Danny Way has done it. The only man to ever jump the Great Wall Of China on a piece of wood and wheels, Waiting For Lightning looks awesome. It'll be showing at SXSW this year and frankly we can't wait to get our eyes on it as well.

TransWorld SKATEboarding has Danny Way ranked as #6 in their 30 Most Influential Skaters Of All Time. What do you think? Spot on, or should Danny have been in the top 5? Hard to top the likes of Koston, Hosoi, Mullen, Hawk, and Gonzales though, but an argument worth having...