Clip Of The Week: Schuster Skate Villa

Philipp Schuster may be speaking Austrian in this clip, but it really doesn't matter. He's got the coolest house in the world, and also the coolest skatepark in all of Salzburg. It's an old hunting lodge located in the mountains over Salzburg and we just wanna go for a skate and maybe move in right this second.


60 years has led to this

some of the techiest, most comfortable boardshorts on the planet: Hyperfreaks, the XT2, Jordyfreaks, and the Superfreaks. we've got the full line of O'Neill's boardshorts in the shop just in time for the ocean to start warming up. and they make some pretty solid wetsuits to complement those boardshorts too...
John John doing some technical boardshort research.


baby Sheckler

 back when Ryan Sheckler was just a wee young guy he would throw himself off ledges like it was his job. see the evidence of his section here from Almost Round 3.


2012's first batch of Exiles

This year's first batch of Exile skimboards arrived in the store yesterday. This is one of those shipments we wait all winter and spring for because the Exiles are always top notch and truly unmatched. You can see above that this first batch includes 3 Recruits (the orange one with a bump swallow tail), a double carbon with that classic crownball logo, the new Paulo Prietto, and the new Brad Domke 'Aquanaut'.

Stay tuned for plenty more to come with Exile and Surf Shack South this summer, as they'll once again be headlining our Skim Series and will be involved with our skim camps as well, being under the direction of their team rider Kyle Calandra. Until more info gets released on those events, enjoy the Domke Vision clip below—he's doing some insane stuff in the water.


we got you covered on shades and watches

This offseason we did a major remodel of our newly added Shack South Sunglasses and Watches. Hardwood flooring, some new paint, and some freshy display cases from Ray Ban, Von Zipper, and soon to be Costa Del Mar
The Ray Ban case is fully stocked with all of this year's limited editions and basics, too. 
We've also got a full stock of Skullcandy and Aerial7 headphones, as well as new brand Monster Beats by Dre
And of course we've still got all the latest and greatest G-Shock watches too. Stop in and gear yourself up for summer.


Street League is all Nyjah

Nyjah Huston with Street League founder Rob Dyrdek and the Monster girls.
Nyjah Huston kicked off 2012's Street League season in Kansas City doing exactly what he did last year: dominating. Peep the vid and get ready for Ontario. Is a sweep by Nyjah in the works???


Saari on your Sunday

Found this cool little clip of Arto Saari from Vice today right here. And then we came across his part from 1996's Keeping The Faith, which is what's on tap for you above. Peep it and revel in the old-school Arto Saari.


just in this week...

just arrived at our doorstep this week were a few things. Sector 9 longboards and cruisers and wheels (seen below), the Bob Marley Series included, and Victoria skimboards (seen above). In a row those Vics are the Foamie, Ultra (w/ rasta art), the Brandon Rothe model (tye-dye), the BigFoot, some Foamies w/ art, and the Grommett. come check out the Vics and all the Sector 9 gear in, we've got the largest selection of skate and skim on the Island.


rainy days like this...

make us just wanna skate... Kyle McCormick feeble at FDR

lucky number 7

a huge congrats to Shack South skater Ronnie Kessner for breaking the top 10 last weekend at the Philly Am in the sponsored division, coming in at lucky number 7. Ronnie's doing some big things, and results like this are going to continue coming his way. peep the clips.


it's all about the collab

collaborations for shoe companies with skateboard companies, skate mags, and more are all the rage right now. and we've got 4 of the hottest collabs of the year on our shoe wall right now. from left to right they are:
Circa x Santa Cruz Emmanuel Guzman signature Griz Globe x Thrasher Mag David Gonzalez signature Heathen

come get your hands on a pair of these bangin' limited edition shoes before they're all gone for good...


all new at the Shack South Sunglasses/Watches

peeps the brand new wood-grain Von Zipper case we just got in this week, along with all the latest VZ shades. the Frosteez collection with the multi-colored lenses are what you see below. and in the photo of the case above, check the hardwood flooring and new paint we put in the store! along with those additions, a Ray Ban case and all the newest Ray Bans, Monster Beats by Dre, and a forthcoming GIANT Costa Del Mar case, the Sunglass/Watch store is looking tight! stop on in this weekend and check the progress out.

also, anyone who'd like to have the old VZ case is welcome to it, just gotta come pick it up and it's yours!

April was bueno

April was a good month. As evidenced by the above marquee shot of Conor Willem on Eastern Surf Mag's website. They posted one of his most recent clips, seen right below, and it's credit waaayyyy overdue. Now the entire world will know what we've been saying about Conor since he was just a tiny Willem: that he freakin' rips! Good on ya C-Will.


the Globe Bantam hath arrived...

We told you it was coming, well now it's here: the Globe Bantam Cruisers. What's the Bantam you ask? Well it's only the hottest plastic cruiser to release, EVER. They're so hot that TransWorld SURF even did a model casting call for a Bantam Babe. As you can see below, we've got a full color run, including the Globe In The Dark (which in fact does GLOW IN THE DARK). The Bantams come stock with these dims:

DECK: 7″x24″ Heavy-duty molded plastic with S-TRAC grip pattern
WHEELS: High grade 62mm/83a urethane
TRUCKS: SLANT 4.75″ wide with reflexive 94a bushings.
Our trucks come with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE! And like all GLOBE CRUISERBOARDS, Bantams come with a full 30 day guarantee.

Stop on in and grab one of these off our strictly Bantam rack before they're all gone. *Warning: Bantam girl does NOT come with purchase of a Bantam (though it'd be nice if she did...). 


'it's a darn swell life' at the Shack South

we gots all the freshest JETTY gear in from their incredible looking Spring/Summer 2012 line! this is merely a small sampling of what we have in stock. come peeps it and grab the newest from the best local surf/skate company around.

a quick chat with that Damn Am

Ronnie Kessner has been jet-setting around the country this spring. Tampa, Phoenix, Atlanta; all part of the Damn Am skate series in which Ronnie skates against the other top amateur skaters in the country. Pretty legit stuff! And he's been finishing better and better with each event (57th in Tampa and 51st in A-T-L). After the long (and warm) winter we finally caught up with our boy to see how things are as he preps for the Philly Am this weekend.