this weekend

the fall Philly Am goes down this Saturday at Providence Skate Spot in West Chester, PA. always one of the best contests in the northeast. check it out.

the holding period for Jetty's 6th annual Clam Jam also begins this weekend. the bracket is above (and can also be seen here). not looking like too much swell on the horizon for this weekend, but who knows, something may pop up on the charts. a few super-talented pairings this year (Bill/Brendan Willem, Royce Weber/Randy Townsend, Ryan Kelly/Conor Willem, and more) are gonna make things pretty exciting to watch, as always. when the event does run it will be held at Hudson Avenue in Harvey Cedars this year.


Kelly beats Dane

Dane's 10 point ride
Kelly's 10 point ride

obviously this was the final we were all hoping for, and always for when Dane was full-time on Tour. it was exciting, and it was great to see Dane Reynolds in a final. though Kelly won and moved to #$2 in the world, was Dane's 10 earlier in the contest better? which one gets your vote for best wave of the 2012 Quiksilver Pro France?