Ronnie does part of America

Sure, in the winter surfers just have to bundle up in a little more neoprene and snowboarders get to actually do their thing. But what do skaters do when their is snow/ice/sleet on the ground?

Well, if you're Ronnie Kessner you meet up with the Axion crew for their Axion Does America Tour at Black Diamond Skatepark inside and proceed to go bonkers. Above is a little clip of Ronnie from the demo, kid just keeps getting better and better. And peep an animated gif (also from Exploitation Mag) of Ronnie's backside flip from a few months ago. Also check out filmer Bruce Brower's Youtube page for some quick old footy edits of Ronnie as well.

Ronnie nosegrinding. Photo/video: Christian Hunsberger


single, double, triple?

So in this year's Winter X Games, which wrap up today, Marc McMorris threw the triple cork in Snowboard Big Air to take home the Gold. But Torstein Horgmo threw an even crispier triple cork (see below) in the same heat, yet came up short for Gold due to his second score. Both are ri-f-ing-diculous. Make sure to catch the final Super Pipe action for this year's Winter X Games today.


a surf talk with Conor

Longtime Shack rider Conor Willem had a chat with SurfTalkNJ recently. The interview is classic Conor and gives some insight into his ripping ways and the Island (man it's crazy how much he sounds like older brother Brendan without seeing him talk...). Check it out and check out more of SurfTalkNJ's stuff here.

the Bantam Cruiser is coming...

something we saw at Surf Expo and are very, very excited about this summer. coming to Shack South very soon...


The Island, by Conor

Long-time Shack rider Conor Willem's collection of clips from the last year or so from the Island. Here's his words on it:

"Its not South Jersey and its not North Jersey its more known as The Island with a tight nit crew of underground surfers, there are so many surfers that this area has produced. an area that is shadowed by the south and north, an undecided coast... Names like Steve Jones, Gary Jones, Bill Willem, Justin Citta, Ben Mcbrien, Brendan Willem, Randy Townsend, Danny Mears, Mike Roth, Pete Machokes, Ryan Kelly, Greg Luker, Pat Emery, Royce Weber, Tim Raimo, Ben Raimo Dane Nugent, Kyle Calandra, Brian Bowker, Logan Mckenzie, Sean Dodds, Chris Kretzer, Nick Rossi, Josh Law, Dave Werner and many more... this is a glimpse of a future project I have in mind for showing what LBI is all about and the underground talent that The Island has produced."


TW SKATE: 30 Years P-Rod interview

It's crazy to think that this year is TransWorld SKATEboarding's 30th year. One of the ways they're celebrating this monumental year is by doing in-depth interviews with their 30 most influential skaters of all-time. And to start it off, one of the most influential in modern times, Paul Rodriguez. Check out the insightful interview above and stay tuned for lots more from TW SKATE for this anniversary year for them.


it's 8 f—ing degrees

hope you're enjoying those boardshorts down in Puerto Rico Conor, because when you get back you'll be back in the head-to-toe neoprene like the rest of us. unlike the rest of us you'll probably be getting shacked, sending 'em, and throwing down meaty hacks like the one below...

returneth from Surf Expo

we just returned from Surf Expo down in Orlando. we saw a lot of things that we are really excited about for the upcoming year, brands we're bringing in, and great ideas for 2012 in Shack South and Shack South Sunglasses and Watches. all in all, it was a good retreat from the cold.

one thing we were not psyched about, yuppie SUPping in a pool indoors...
one thing we were psyched about, this 12-foot quarter that no one could properly hit—we're thinking Ronnie could've though...


2012 is here sale

a belated happy 2012 to everyone! we've seen lots of boards breaking recently in the water with some of the hefty thumpers we've had, so we're gonna run a big special this weekend on all surfboards in case your's fell victim to some Jersey goodness, or if you'd just like to pick up a new stick for the new year. so here's what we're running at the Shack original in Ship Bottom from Friday-Monday this weekend:
  • $325 or less for every brand new shortboard (unless marked cheaper)
  • $375 or less for every new funboard (unless marked cheaper)
  • $300 for every manufactured (not handshaped overseas) board under 7'
  • $375 for every manufactured (not handshaped overseas) board over 7'
  • $200-400 off every longboard or retro board
  • $100+ off the marked price of every used surfboard