Surf Shack South, coming back very soon

*we do not condone smoking dirty smigarettes in any way whatsoever

Sure, you may be asking yourself, "What's going on with Surf Shack South? All we hear about anymore is the awesome Shack Board Shop over in Manahawkin now."

Well fear not, because there are potential things that are in the works for us being open in a new Beach Haven location come Memorial Day weekend. Barring any unseen circumstances, we will be back—while also maintaining The Shack Board Shop as a permanent, year-round skate shop (something that has been severely absent in the Manahawkin area for many years). Stay tuned for more details when we know.

And in case you forgot, Surf Shack South is the place for all your skimboard needs. Just ask long-time Shack rider Kyle Calandra, as seen in the above footy courtesy Mr. David aka Scrubby Jensen. Kyle's been doing this all winter long, while also getting spat out of barrels on a surfboard and being crowned the first ever King Of The Shack (along with Kyle McCormick).