Happy Memorial Day

With Memorial Day we say the last goodbye to a winter of frosty barrels and hours of digging cars out. Though the water's still a bit chilly, we will soon be shedding all that neoprene for the likes of boardshorts. Summer flat spells will probably have us longing for something like the above image, which is longtime Shack rider Dane Nugent shot by Chris Pfeil. Here's to a winter that was and to a summer of greatness. Happy Memorial Day from the Shack South.


off to California

Longtime Shack family member and team rider Conor Willem (seen above stomping that slob air) just left for California today for eight days. He's heading to Lowers to reap the benefits of the Pacific's infamous south swells and grind down some of the best Mexican food in the world. He's collecting some final clips for You Look Swell, and though it's his first time in SoCal (he usually ventures to the more rugged hollowness of Ventura) we're sure he'll be coming back with some A clips. Stay tuned for the fruits of his labor.


Globe's Year [0000] is coming...

0000 from Globe Surf on Vimeo.

Globe's surf films have become notorious for huge action and tasteful cinematography. Their latest, Year [0000], is set to release this summer. We've gotten some tastes of it online and we're wanting some more. It's going to be a little heavy on the artsy side, but we're thinking it's all going to be worth it. And we hear East Coaster CJ Hobgood is the standout. Stay tuned for a release date, premieres, parties, and when we'll have a few copies in at the Shack South. 


the Recruit and the Paulo

Here at the Shack we're proud to carry Exile Skimboards, they're some of the best boards around. We just got our first summer shipment of Exiles in the shop today. We got in the freshy design for the new year, The Recruit, and the Paulo Pro Model (which is in it's 7th year design and can be seen up top). Check out all of Exile's boards over at exileskimboards.com, and while you're over there check out Shack rider Kyle Calandra's Exile rider page (and you can see him below shredding an Exile).

well, don't you look swell

You Look Swell Official Trailer from rick starick on Vimeo.

Our friend and old Shack rider Morgan Gore of After Eleven is putting out a surf flick this summer starring fellow Shack rider Conor Willem, as well as Long Beach Island locals Royce Weber, Randy Townsend, Danny Mears, Ben Raimo, Will Sweeny, and Petere George. It's called You Look Swell and the trailer above has got us excited. The movie drops this July and will be playing in New Jersey and New York. Stay tuned for more details on local showings.


Jordy is a freak

 The big South African Jordy Smith's latest O'Neill Freak short is the best he's done yet. And we got them in this week, along with all the other newest O'Neill Hyperfreaks, just in time for Memorial Day Weekend. Jordy's short is the one on the far right. And below is a clip of said freak at this year's Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast event doing the short right.


'The One' and only

Here at The Shack South we appreciate the finer things in life. And so does Johnny Redmond, team rider for Catch Surf, seen above. We're fully stocked with The Beaters for the summer so you can enjoy the shorebreak and not fear breaking your favorite stick.

And we recently also received Catch Surf's The One, seen above. The One is ridden and refined by 15-time world skimboarding champion, Bill “Beaker” Bryan—it's the skateboard of surfboards. Check out Beaker below tearing The One up and stop in and pick up one of The One's for yourself, your summer will be better with it...


Floaters or airs?

Adriano de Souza just won the Billabong Rio Pro ASP World Tour event in his home country of Brazil. In his quarterfinal heat he beat Owen Wright with one massive floater, which score at an 8.23, while Owen was throwing solid turns and modern slob airs, only receiving 5's and 6's for them. So is the ASP looking for floaters these days or airs? Did the judges get it right or did they mess it up badly? Here's the heat recap below, and let us know what you think.


Ride the carpet

We recently got in a new line of longboards, Gold Coast, and they're begging to be ridden. The Heavy Pile sticks out because instead of griptape it's got carpet on top. The days of torn apart soles cruising back from the beach are over. Stop in and give the carpet a rub.


New Jetty gear in!

We just got in the spring/summer 2011 gear from local company Jetty and it's looking good, as always. Check out the full line here and stop in the shop and pick up the latest Jetty gear to keep you looking good this summer.