Ronnie + Bruce @ Woodward

summer camp isn't what it used to be. now kids get to go to summer camp and skate for an entire week on some of the best parks, ramps, and rails around. our boys Ronnie Kessner and Bruce Brower have been going to Woodward for the last few years now and always go the same week together. which means we get to watch some great footage of Ronnie compiled and slapped together in a tasteful way via Bruce. good work boys.


clip of the week: Nyjah Huston wins Street League, again

Nyjah Huston won his 2nd Street League title this past weekend. The kid is just straight filth. Is there any doubt he's making a strong case for best street skater of right now? Also, it's pretty sick that Street League finishes every year in our very own New Jersey. Because that means that our guy Ronnie Kessner got to go check the event out and watch it all go down firsthand.


clip of the week: Brendan Rice B&W

Brendan Rice is a nice kid who can throw it down on a skate and skimboard and comes and hangs out at the shop for a little over 2 weeks each summer. here's a tight little skate clip of him—the black and white edit reminds of pending fall...


Final Skim Series Results

Skim Series #4 Results

and check out the final standings here for 2012!

1. Tristan Lamson             100 points
2. Thomas Garda                75 points
3. Jack Tyburski                 50 points
4. Andrew Mullholland      25 points

1. Dan Cascio                    100 points
2. Evan Kelley                    75 points
3. John Garda                     50 points
4. Mike McCaffery             25 points
=5. Griffin Pounds              10 points
=5. Timmy Propheta           10 points

1. Katie Raiser                    100 points

Jr. Mens
1. Moses DeMartino           100 points
2. Kevin Budd                      75 points
3. Tim Ivancich                    50 points
4. Dane Yaleniscisc              25 points
=5. Brandon Kinter              10 points
=5. Phil Spataro                    10 points


deck of the week: Caballero Chinese Dragon

company: Powell Peralta
skater: Steve Caballero
width: 10"
construction: Get stoked on the "Pearl" color changing graphic for the CAB Chinese Dragon. It transitions from purple to grey to purple. You'll also see a bit of green in the mix.
price: $75


clip of the week: Epicly Later'd, Koston

Eric Koston is one of the great American stories of going from rags to riches as a self-made man (and as a skater no less!). Peeps this insightful clip with some of his early days of a skate rat that made him one of the greatest street skaters ever.


Skim Series 3 results

Boys winner Eddie Dixon with a tasty chicken wrap. Photo courtesy Frankie Mule
1. Tristan Lamson           100 points
2. Grey Myrick                 75 points
3. Alex Rainone                50 points
4. Joey Rainone                25 points
=5. Andrew Mulholland   10 points
=5. Campbell Duncan       10 points

1. Nicole Andriani           100 points

1. Eddie Dixon                 100 points
2. Dan Cascio                     75 points
3. Evan Kelley                    50 points
4. Mike McCaffrey             25 points
=5. Brett O'Neill                 15 points
=5. RJ Timila                      15 points
=7. Kayde Myrick               10 points
=7. Jack Dixon                    10 points
=7. Connor Braddock          10 points
=7. Tim Propheta                 10 points
=7. Tyler Propheta               10 points
=7. Max Rosenthal              10 points

Jr Mens
1. Brady Wulster               100 points
2. Will Seddon                    75 points
3. Brendan Rice                  50 points
4. Matt Johns                      25 points
=5. Brandon Simanski        10 points
=5. Ryan Prester                 10 points
=5. Sean Stewart                10 points


anyone for a night sesh?

sure, we've got the glow-in-the-dark Penny and Bantam boards this year, but a glow-in-the-dark skatepark? that just looks insane. made of phosphorescent concrete, Otro in Brussels appears to be the greatest skatepark ever just because of it's ability to be shredded at night...


ALO's Skim Contest 8/18

ALO's Skim Contest in coordination with their LBI Longboard Classic takes place August 18th at 110th St in Long Beach Township. We're helping run and sponsor the Skim event and this year it's going to go off. Make sure to sign up soon, as the date is quickly approaching.