Ronnie's house

the king of all backyards, Ronnie Kessner's house is where it's at. quarterpipes, minis, rails, boxes, you want it he's got it. 



( CHROMATIC ) Official Trailer from Analog Clothing on Vimeo.

Analog is coming out with a new flick called Chromatic and it looks insane. It tells us two things: 1. Chippa Wilson can fly high and 2. Nathan Fletcher is out of his mind.


deck of the week: G. Taylor Stencil Park

company: Alien Workshop
skater: Grant Taylor
width: 8.5"
construction: The Alien Workshop Stencil Park Deck is built to last with high-quality materials, solid construction, and the coolest graphics. Whether you're skating street, ramp, pool, or just looking for a sidewalk cruiser, we have all your skateboarding needs covered. There's a reason Grant Taylor was 2011's Skater Of The Year...
price: $55


sounds of summer: Fitz & the Tantrums "MoneyGrabber"

sounds of summer is a new column we'll be doing this summer to give you our staff's summer sounds, getting you into the groove of the best season of the year. 

Mike Shaltry's pick: Fitz And The Tantrums "MoneyGrabber": That upbeat tempo you can easily listen to while hanging on the beach on a sunny summer day... 


Skim Series #2 results

1. Tristan Lamson 100 points

1. Tori Hannah 100 points
2. Nicole Andriani 75 points

1. Tristan Lamson 100 points
2. Dan Cascio 75 points
3. Mike McCaffrey 50 points
4. Evan Kelley 25 points
=5. Tyler Propheta 10 points
=5. Max Rosenthal 10 points

Jr. Mens
1. Will Seddon 100 points
2. Matt Johns 75 points
3. Jordan Mike 50 points
4. Brandon Kinter 25 points
=5. Dane Yelenecisis 20 points
=5. Brady Wulster 20 points
=7. Phil Spataro 10 points
=7. Moses DeMartino 10 points
=7. Tim Ivanivich 10 points

Let's Party!

Let's Party! traction has finally dropped a full-blown website. We've been sold out of the awesome pads for a few days now, but not to worry, as we're receiving another batch any day this week (along with a whole bunch of Exile Skimboards). so get on the program and Let's Party!


we don't mess around

just arrived in store today: Landyachtz, Comet skateboards (they come stock with Orangatang wheels), Abec11 wheels, Cadillac wheels, and Earthwing wheels. if you're serious about longboarding and downhill you best be stopping in Surf Shack South. and don't forget we've got boards from Sector 9, Santa Cruz, Globe, Faceplant, Penny, and more as well...


clip of the week: Taj ain't no fool

Taj knows that Firewires haven't been handmade for years—which is exactly what the inventor Bert Berger was saying before he was ousted by the board of directors who chose mass production over a quality product. But when you do that with a product that necessitates hand selection of the balsa wood for the parabolic rails, well you end up with an inferior surfboard. Which is why Taj jumped ship this year and is on ...Losts/Mayhems. Hopefully that equates to getting Taj that elusive World Title, because when it's all said and done, he will surely be a surfer who should've racked up at least 5 by now. Don't think so, just watch any clip of him, like the one above...


Shuv On 2nd in da World!

Video streaming by Ustream a huge congratulations goes out to longtime Shack friend Siobhan (shuv on) McAuliffe for being crowned runner-up in the Women's Pro division at this past weekend's Victoria World Championships of Skimboarding! LBI holding it down on the international skim scene as always. check out her finals heat above (she's in orange) and all the rest of her heats right here. good on ya Shuv On, way to represent.


Ronnie in print

our very own Ronnie Kessner had a little feature done on him in this week's SandPaper by the Island's Jon Coen. we're incredibly proud of Ronnie and grateful to have him as part of the greater Surf Shack family. pick up a SandPaper this week and check out pages 59 and 60 in Section 2 for the great piece. or read the digital version of the article here.


Skim Series Event #1 results

Our first Skim Series event of 2012 went down this past Monday and it started off with a bang. The race for a custom Exile heavily discounted is on. The next event will be July 15th. Get your entries in now, as slots are already filling up. Congrats to everyone and looking forward to another good event in 2 weeks.

1. Tristan Lamson    100 points

1. Evan Kelly           100 points
2. Dan Cascio           75 points
3. Mike McCaffrey   50 points
4. Tyler Propheta      25 points
5. Ibn Doggett           20 points

1. Tori Hennah         100 points

Jr. Mens
1. Will Seddon             100 points
2. Brady Walster           75 points
3. Tyler Cascio              50 points
4. Phil Spataro               25 points
=5. Jordan Mike            20 points
=5. Matt Johns              20 points
=7. Pete Lynch              10 points
=7. Brandon Simanski  10 points
=7. Moses De Martino  10 points


sounds of summer: The Thermals "Now We Can See"

sounds of summer is a new column we'll be doing this summer to give you our staff's summer sounds, getting you into the groove of the best season of the year.
Brower's pick: The Thermals 'Now We Can See'. "Summer's all about conquering in the sun and growing out of the sand."


clip of the week: Tom Schaar 900 at X Games

12-year-old Tom Schaar just busted out a 900 this weekend at the X Games in the Skate Vert Finals. It wasn't enough for him to place but hey, the kid has also landed the first 1080 in skateboarding ever. Remember the name Tom Schaar because you'll surely be hearing it in the decades to come.