the oval is back

it's been awhile, but the infamous Shack oval stickers are back in stock! stop in and pick yourself up one, for free of course.


the Jetty story

The Urchin's Life-Episode 1 from Tony Coon on Vimeo.

Jetty started back in 2003 and we were one of two shops to immediately jump on board. Since then the brand has grown exponentially and they are the true meaning of giving back to their local community. Here's a little video of some history behind the brand with co-owners Cory and Jeremy.


t-shirt Tuesdays

t-shirt Tuesdays is a new piece we'll be putting up on the site every Tuesday. It'll be a trivia question regarding surf, skate, skim, snow or Shack knowledge. The first to leave the correct answer as a comment on the site post or on the Facebook post will win a Shack t-shirt in their size. *Once you win you aren't eligible to win again until three months after the month you've won. Here's this week's t-shirt Tuesdays question:

Name 5 past or present Long Beach Island clothing companies. 


Liberate Yourself premiere and Liberation Q n A

In case you haven't heard, we're premiering Liberation Skateboards first film, "Liberate Yourself" at the shop this Friday, July 1st at 8pm. We're going to be doing a bunch of giveaways and skate discounts as well. Brower had a quick chat with Liberation founder Kelsey Arcoleo to get some insight into the brand and flick. 

When was Liberation founded? 
Liberation Skateboards was founded in 2008 and operated on a smaller scale compared to what its on now throughout Freehold, my hometown, upon its start up. I was only in high school working a part time job for minimum wage and not knowing as many people as I do now when it started.

What is the inspiration behind it? 
My passion for skateboarding is the motion of every move I make with the brand. I've been skating for over a decade now and I wanted to make sure I found a way to incorporate it in my future when I'm unable to participate in it like I am now, so this is my attempt at making it a longer lasting relationship, although it always will have a special place in my heart. Every skater knows that once you're a skater, you're forever a skater.

How long was "Liberate Yourself" in the making? 
A lot of people are surprised when I answer this question, but I'm certainly not seeing that I was the one going through everything making the video happen. A bit over two years is what it took to finish the project and that is for numerous reasons. There were many factors that were stumbled upon like conflicting schedules with the team, getting kicked out of spots, breaking boards and cameras, getting injured, and putting the time into production to make sure everything was picture perfect to my liking.


remember the classics

These are three of the most iconic decks to ever hang in a skateshop, and we just got these in stock. Here's a quick history lesson on these reissue decks:

Steve Caballero Chinese Dragon
Length: 30"
Width: 10"
Wheelbase: 15"
Nose: 3.875"
Tail: 7"
This was the original Steve Caballero Chinese Dragon deck, of which variations have been done by Steve through the years. 'Cab' was (and still is) one of the most influential skaters ever.

Powell/Peralta Ripper 
Length: 31.75"
Width: 10"
Wheelbase: 15.5"
Nose: 5.125"
Tail: 6.875"
When one thinks of Powell/Peralta the iconic purple/lime Ripper surely comes to mind first. Definitely a legendary deck.

Santa Cruz SC XX
Length: 31.7"
Width: 9.35"
Wheelbase: 15.25"
Nose: 5.95"
Tail: 6.2505"
Another great oldschool/pool deck, the Santa Cruz gremlin has been a staple in their artwork for years.

Steve Caballero Skateboarding Hall of Fame intro video from Laurie B on Vimeo.


ride before you buy

So you're skeptical about how the Beater rides, but you want to have something to mess around in the shorebreak. Well we've got the answer to your dilemma: rent a Beater from us (the Original 54 above) before you buy it. Here's how it'll work: $10 for a half day (4 hours), $15 for a full day (8 hours), and $20 for a full 24 hours. If you decide to purchase a Beater after demoing this one, then the money you paid for the rental goes towards the purchase of a new Beater.

And we cannot forget to mention how we came about with having a Beater to ride before you buy. It came from Jordan Mike, who wanted to upgrade from his beloved Beater to the One. His thoughts on the One? "I love the One, its pretty much a smaller Beater with even better turning ability because of the rails." Either way, you can't go wrong with something from Catch Surf. Stop in and try the Beater out today.


Happy Go Skateboarding Day

what are you waiting for? go skate already...

t-shirt Tuesdays

t-shirt Tuesdays is a new piece we'll be putting up on the site every Tuesday. It'll be a trivia question regarding surf, skate, skim, snow or Shack knowledge. The first to leave the correct answer as a comment on the site post or on the Facebook post will win a Shack t-shirt in their size. *Once you win you aren't eligible to win again until three months after the month you've won. Here's this week's t-shirt Tuesdays question:

What extended Surf Shack family member(s) created the infamous NJ state lightning bolt logo seen below?


Feliz dia de padres

For those of you who don't speak Spanish, that means Happy Father's Day. Here's the latest creation from Shack grom/art guy Brandon wishing you a Surf Shack Father's Day.


go bodysurfing

freaks in tye dye

Above we have Shack grom Tim looking flossy in some of our latest O'Neill gear which we just received in this week. From top to bottom he's got the Secondary New Era snapback, the Spincycle tye dye tank, and the Rasta Superfreaks. Tons of more fresh O'Neill threads are here (including all the latest Hyper and Superfreaks), so stop on in and check it out.


we Ride we Recycle

We just signed up to be an authorized i Ride i Recycle, one of only 2 shops in New Jersey to be so. What just is i Ride i Recycle you ask? They are a company who we send your broken or old skate decks to who use them to make furniture, art, and anything else you can think of while donating the proceeds to skate specific charities.

Here's their mission statement: "To keep broken skateboards out of landfills and appreciate them as the works of art that they are—to transcend a rider’s environmental footprint, enhance social consciousness and achieve high design. We give ownership to every skateboard manufacturer, shop owner and individual rider by providing real solutions to an industry known for its positive culture to create meaningful impact through charitable causes."

So if you've got a broken or old deck, don't throw it out, bring it on by and we'll make sure it doesn't end up in a landfill. 


new DC dropping

The new DC gear just got dropped in the shop and as always it's looking fresh. Up top are some of the stretchiest, affordable boardies on the market. From left to right they're the Fulltone, Lanai, Lanai, and the Diameter.
DC stopped doing jerseys for a couple of years, but this year they've brought them back with the Traveling, which is like a NY Knicks retro type tank.
And of course we got some of those DC New Era flat brims right above here. And we also got in a few of the DC shoes, including Rob Dyrdek's new pro model shoe, the Stock. Stop in a check out all the latest DC gear and peep this clip below of Rob Dyrdek doing his shoes (and DC) justice.


Vics in the house

Our new shipment of Victoria Skimboards just arrived and they're looking flossy! We've got a full run of Vics from the Foamie to pro models like the Bill Beaker Bryan model seen above. Stop in and check out the fresh boards and pick one up for yourself today. Here's some info on the Beak Dawg:
  • Core Material: PVC high density
  • Core Thickness: 3/4" with tapered nose/tail
  • Fiberglass: Carbon
  • Resin: Epoxy
  • Rails: Low/Mid Taper
  • Shape: Wave riding shape with rounded pin tail
  • Rocker: Low, per Bill's specifications (1.75" nose & 1/8" tail rocker)
  • Finish: Light weight finish

Size Suggested Weight Dimensions
S 100 – 150 lbs 51.5" x 19.5"
MS 120 – 170 lbs 52.2" x 19.7"
M 130 – 180 lbs 52.7" x 20.0"
L 160 – 210 lbs 55.7" x 21.0"

t-shirt Tuesdays

t-shirt Tuesdays is a new piece we'll be putting up on the site every Tuesday. It'll be a trivia question regarding surf, skate, skim, snow or Shack knowledge. The first to leave the correct answer as a comment on the site post or on the Facebook post will win a Shack t-shirt in their size. *Once you win you aren't eligible to win again until three months after the month you've won. Here's the inaugural t-shirt Tuesdays question:

What year did Kelly Slater win his first of 10 World Titles?


Deck Of The Month: Almost Chris Haslam Simply Rubbish

We're instituting a new column on the site which will go down around the middle of each month featuring a spotlighted 'Deck Of The Month' that we have in stock at the Shack South. Here's the first installment:

company: Almost
skater: Chris Haslam
width: 7.75"
construction: Resin-8 with 8-plys of Canadian maple
price: $55

Nyjah Huston, 16 and $150Gs richer

The second stop of Rob Dyrdek's 2011 Street League went off in Kansas City this past weekend and it was a repeat victory for the young Nyjah Huston. He took the first stop in Seattle last month and added another $150,000 check to his bank account after beating the likes of Chris Cole in his final attempt with a huge nollie inward heelflip.

Rob Dyrdek's Street League concept features 24 of the world’s top street skateboarders competing exclusively for a groundbreaking $1.6 million prize purse. Utilizing the an instant-scoring format, it allows you to see scores for riders as their runs play out.

Nyjah (seen above heelfliping to victory) is off to an incredible start this season, looking to repeat as Street League champ. The next event hits Glendale, Arizona July 16-17 and wraps up August 28 in Newark, New Jersey. Check out TransWorld SKATE's finals video above, as well as the 5 Trick Fix from the finals as well (peep Sheckler's huge Cab flip that earned him best trick of the event).


Get your Flow on

Flow riders

The LBI Flowhouse is embarking on it's second year and we couldn't be more ready for some Flow time. The opening party went down Memorial Day weekend and was a big success. This summer they've switched some of the hours up and are going to be having parties Wednesday nights from 8:30pm to 11:30pm, as well as contests and more events to be announced. Above is a quick little gallery of some of our riders getting their Flow on. Make sure you head over to Flowhouselbi.com to see what they've got going on this summer, and if you haven't Flowed yet, what are you waiting for?


some Paulo for your weekend

Exile put together a compilation of leftover footage of Paulo Prietto that was not used in their most recent team skimboarding DVD, Stimulus which is available here at the Shack. If you've yet to see the movie, you need to—it's hands down one of the best skim movies ever. And if you wanna just check out some solid leftover footage, well peep the below clips of Paulo that weren't good enough for the movie (should give you a judge of just how filthy good the guy is).


Jersey love in latest ESM

The newest issue of the best East Coast mag, ESM, just dropped and on page 1 is some of that Jersey gold we all love. The Moran brothers connected for this shot and we're awaiting the tropics to get brewing to start getting some more of this stuff, we could use it. Check out the newest issue of ESM online for free here.


Nike 6.0 and the NBA Finals?

If you were watching game 4 of the NBA Finals the other night you would've been amazed to see Nike drop the below commercial of their 6.0 and SB team riders. It was the highest rated program on prime time television that evening, so it seems like Nike is truly starting to push their alternative sport teams to the masses.


Greg Lutzka takes Maloof NYC and $160Gs

The Maloof Money Cup hit NYC this past weekend and it was insanity. Greg Lutzka ended up taking the cake against Dennis Busenitz in the finals, with the grand prize being $160Gs (the richest first place prize in the game)!

In case you're unaware, the Maloof Money Cup is one of the world's top amateur and professional skate events, offering the largest prize purses and biggest stages for the world's top skaters to battle it out in head-to-head bracketed format. Below are the match-ups for the final rounds.
As always, TransWorld SKATEboarding dropped the best coverage. Above is the finals video (how are those combos Lutzka was dropping?) and you can check out the final day photos here and the 5 Trick Fix from the finals here.


Petey's in our window

Cory from Jetty freshened up our window the other day with this flossy screen of longtime Shack and Jetty rider Pete Machotka. Petey boy is lifeguarding once again in Harvey Cedars this summer, so stop by and say hello to him if you can catch him in between surf breaks and saving lives. Tell him we sent you.

the most techie cruiser around

a fiberglass convex deck with a maple core, magnesium inverted trucks, and see-through wheels make Globe's Fairlane one of the lightest cruisers on the market. come pick this beast of a board up because it's aching to bomb some hills...


Lighthouse Film Festival

If you're around the Island today and tomorrow check out the last two days of the Light House Film Festival. The last of the three surf movies to screen is Splinters at 9:15pm tonight at the LBI Grade School. Check out the full line up here.


Meet Ronnie Kessner

Above is a clip from Woodward Skatepark of Surf Shack South's top skate team rider Ronnie Kessner. Ronnie's had an incredible start to 2011, and here's a few of the results that are showing he's one of the best young skaters in New Jersey.

Bangers for Bells: 2nd place
Valentines Day Massacre: 1st place
King of the Bridge: 1st place
SpringFling Skate Jam: 1st place
Philly Am: 8th place (sponsored division)

Ronnie spends his summers over in Beach Haven on his parents' boat, which means he's hanging out at the Shack South daily. Look for more big things to come from Ronnie this year (and in the years to come). And here's Ronnie's run at this year's Philly Am below.