Clam Jam vid

As promised, here's Jetty's wrap-up clip from the 5th annual Clam Jam. It was an awesome day with great friends in one of the best surfing communities in the world. Congrats again to Tim and Shawn. And check out Ann Coen's photos from the event here.


Ronnie + Hella Clips

this past Tuesday Shack South skate team rider Ronnie Kessner got his latest batch of footage featured on Josh Kalis' site Hellaclips.com. and of course, it's getting a warm reception on the site. check out the clip below or on Hellaclips here.


the Clam was Jammed

after nearly a month of unfavorable weekend surf, Jetty's 5th Annual Clam Jam finally went down this past Saturday at Beach 1 in Holgate. the surf was in the chest to head range with strong N/NNE/NNW winds all day and gorgeous sunny skies. another spectacular local event from the folks at Jetty. and a big congrats to the winning team of Shack friend Timmy Raimo and Sean Dodds! a great day with great friends, just how a local surf contest should be. stay tuned for photos and video forthcoming.

Ronnie's re- and Texas trip

above is a sequence Shack rider Ronnie Kessner linked up with Christian Hunsberger for, a la a re-backside flip. below is some footy from Ronnie's recent trip to Texas for the Volcom Wild In The Parks finals. and he also just made it into the Damn Ams for next year. kid continuing to do great things.