limited edition Shack team series shirts

our newest Surf Shack South t-shirts are a severely limited run of a special team series. below you can see the four options. come pick one up to get your hands on a run of Shack shirts that will never be made again. support your team this summer while still rocking a Shack shirt.


2012 Skim Series

This year's Surf Shack South Skim Series kicks off next Monday right up Taylor Ave. Presented by Exile Skimboards, we've also brought on Let's Party! Traction, Jetty, and Free2Ride again as sponsors. There will be a ton of gear from all these guys up for grabs at each event. And Exile is kicking in a custom Exile skimboard to the overall winner Skim Series winner for 30% off. $10 entry free and open to the first 40 entrants. Stop in the Shack South for an entry form or print one out from the link below. 


El Barto is here

Santa Cruz skateboards just dropped in the store this weekend and we've got everything from their beer company boards to their Simpsons line. Above you can see the "Bart Model" which is an exact replica of Bart Simpson's board from the show. If you wanna shred the streets like El Barto this summer stop by and grab one quick.


2012 Summer Skim Camps

Skim camps for this summer start next week. Call us or stop in the shop to sign up, or print out the waiver below and drop it off. $60/day and $120/2-day camp. Limited to the first 12 campers. All skill levels welcome. Ages 5 & up.

SURF SHACK SOUTH SKIM CAMP WAIVER FORM (print it out and mail it in or drop it off)


Happy International Surfing Day!

Happy International Surfing Day to everyone out there! If you feel the need to be sitting on the internet instead of actually surfing then here's a little clip that makes surfing in a wave pool seem just as fun as the ocean. But seriously, go surfing!


deck of the week: Habitat Fred Gall Manimal P2

company: Habitat
skater: Fred Gall
width: 7.825"
construction: After several years of development, P2 (Pro-2) construction has been created as the next level in skateboard decks. P2 technology includes an oval-shaped [Kevlar] fiber reinforced maple veneer, which enhances the natural performance and pop of its supporting six, thin veneers of maple. The oval shape is designed to spread stresses and loads throughout the entire deck, versus around only the areas closest to the trucks. The P2 construction provides exceptional added resilience to the deck creating a "Spring Loaded Pop" effect. P2 decks are thinner and lighter than old fashioned 7-ply wood skateboards. The Kevlar fiber used to make P2 decks is expensive stuff, but "Spring Loaded Pop" is priceless.
price: $65


skate news from the weekend

Nyjah Huston once again won another Street League event. That makes a perfect two in a row for this year after winning last year's Street League title. The kid is quickly making the argument for the planet's best street skater. 

Which means he'll be one of the guys to beat in this year's X Games Real Street event. But there he'll come up against the likes of Chris Haslam, Silas Baxter Neal, Chad Tim Tim, Colin Provist, and more. But when you're already schooling Eric Koston, Chris Cole, P. Rod, Tom Asta, and Sheckler, it's kinda hard to think that Nyjah isn't just gonna take that $50Gs from the X Games too. See his X Games entry below, and highlights from this weekend's Street League victory above—kid is on a tear!


time to Party

Exile Skimboards and Let's Party! traction pads, a winning combination. Timmy Ivanochvichovich and crew are ready to Party! with Tim's new Paulo with Let's Party! traction.


ride local, shop local

Faceplant Boardriders is a new skate brand we brought into the shop this year. The Wheeler brothers design and make longboards and cruisers from hand right here in South Jersey. As you can see above they make some neat, different little shapes. This summer if you're need a longboard definitely consider riding something local from Faceplant.


Clip of the week: Kelly wins Gucci Fiji Pro

Sure, the contest was a Gucci (aka Volcom's) event, the ASP/Gucci blew it on the biggest day of the swell (see Mick Fanning's confession here), and Chris Cote is a little nasaly and annoying to listen to. But we'll be damned if Kelly didn't just murder it in another great World Tour event. Here's some clips and an interview for evidence that Jimmy Slades aged 40 still rules the surf world.


deck of the week: Cliche Mad Brains

company: Cliche
skater: inspired by the quintessential punk band Bad Brains
width: 7.9"
construction: Resin-7 with 7-ply epoxy and 100% Canadian hardrock maple in a single deck press (DSM)
price: $57


Penny's have arrived

The hottest plastic skateboards on the planet, aka the Penny boards, have finally arrived at the best skateshop on the Island. We've got the original Penny, the Penny-Nickel, and the Stereo Vinyl series (which comes with a free pair of shades). Come in and grab this summer's hot ticket item and cruise your way back into the past. 

Clip Of The Week: Ronnie, unadorned

just skate team rider Ronnie Kessner down in Glasgow, Delaware. no music, no cinematic techniques. just solid filming and solid skating.


make sure to vote

for this photo of Shack guy Dane Nugent from earlier this spring shot by Mr. Matt Higgins aka HiggsYo! it's a classic shot that sums up Dane's giddiness for surfing, Matt's quickly blossoming photography skills, and of course the Island's continual ability to spit out perfection like this every so often. go vote for photo #8 on Surfline's May 2012 Photo Challenge right now.


0, 1, 2

June is here and we've got all the Catch Surf Beater boards you need: the finless, the single fin, and this year's new twin fin. Stop in and scoop one up with a carrying bag before they're all gone.


Kelly f—ing Slater

Surely that title has been stated by every single competitor he's ever faced. At 40 years of age he continues to be the best surfer on the planet—not to mention he keeps winning world titles. So get even a little more jealous of Kelly with this awesome GoPro vid of him just taunting us, knowing that no one can do what he's doing.