Derek Hynd For President

By now the entire world has seen the incredible footage of Mick Fanning fighting off a great white during his heat at J-bay. Equally as incredible is this Stab magazine interview with former world tour surfer Derek Hynd, who paddled out just an hour after Fanning was attacked. Hynd's unorthodox board selection and astute surfing wisdom make this one of my favorite interviews ever. (CLICK THE LINK!!)


Dust off your Catch Surf quiver.....it's Summertime

Whether you're an experienced surfer, or someone just learning to stand up, Catch Surf boards are all about fun in any conditions. In honor of the many small summer swells ahead of us, here's a clip of a few pro skimmers ripping their Catch Surf boards.


the hits just keep coming...

There are some people who reach a certain point and become happy with where they are at. And then there are some that are indescribably hungry to become better at whatever it is they are doing.

The latter describes our very own Kyle Calandra and his skimboarding ventures. Since the end of last summer he has been a madman in the skim by taking out his first Pro victory, heading down with the Exile crew to compete in the Cabo event earlier this summer, taking 2nd in Pro in Belmar, and recently heading down to the OBX event.

In between all of that his focus has been filming—the hits just keep coming from him. You give him a bump in the shorebreak and he's going to get a highly usable clip (as evidenced in the above edit from our friend David "Scrubby" Jensen).

We just want to say how proud we are of our Dingus. It started way back when when he was just a baby Dingus getting the floors of Surf Shack all sandy. He is doing us proud and we are excited whenever a new edit comes our way from him or when he's prepping for a contest. Congratulations on your first Professional edit Dingus and keep up the good work. We know there is lots more to come from you and your skimming.

And a big thanks to Exile Skimboards and Let's Party Traction for supporting Kyle from the get-go.


Skim Series Event 1 results

2013 Skim Series Standings (after event 1)
Jr. Mens
1. Moses De Martino    100 points
2. Tyler Cascio               75 points
3. Evan Kelly                 50 points
4. Kevin Budd                25 points
=5. Mikey McCaffrey    20 points
=5. Jordan Mike             20 points
=7. Eddie Ahearn          10 points
=7. Chris Starner           10 points
=7. Dan Cascio             10 points
=7. Max Rosenthal       10 points
=7. Phil Spataro            10 points
=7. Johnny McGinley   10 points

1. Russell Sullivan        100 points
2. Tristan Lamson           75 points
3. Dillon Brown              50 points
4. Jeff Haley                   25 points
=5. Tyler Propheta          20 points
=5. Mark Valeriani         20 points
=7. Jack Duncan            10 points
=7. Tim Propheta           10 points
=7. Danny Baliko          10 points
=7. Nick Petrus              10 points
=7, John Pierson            10 points

1. Luke Haley              100 points
2. Gray Myrick              75 points
3. Campbell Duncan     50 points
=4. Nico Leonard          25 points
=4. Robert Raiser          25 points


Drive teaser

"Drive" Teaser from Adam Hayward on Vimeo.

It's been quite a while since a solid skim movie has been released. But the folks at MOV recently put out Drive, and well, we're pretty excited to see how it came out.


on 'Da' Carver program

Carvers aren't skateboards, they are surfboards for the asphalt and we've finally got them available at both Surf Shack South and The Shack Board Shop. With their patented C7 front swinging truck, it allows the front truck to have a lateral thrust (or that rail to rail feel of gliding on water). The back truck acts more like a pivot, allowing for actual pumping motions like you're surfing. You will not find a skateboard out there today that resembles the feeling of surfing more than a Carver. We've also got a demo model available to try out in Beach Haven if you'd like to see for yourself just how incredible these things are...